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Partner Gig Description

You can be a CouponFindr.com VIP Perks Partner if you like saving money and helping others save money.  Individuals can promote as a way to earn personal income.  Nonprofit groups can promote to raise funds.  The registration form keeps it simple and lets us know where you want your money sent and allows you to split the proceeds the way you want.  

What to Expect

  1. Let us know you're interested by applying on this site.
  2. We'll give you a free VIP Perks membership for 2 months.  At the same time, we'll give you a personal referral code to share with your friends.  If your referral code is used to sign up a VIP Perks member in those 2 months, we extend your free membership 10 months (12 months total--a $40 value).    
  3. You can use your computer or phone (free app) to browse by zip code and category, to find VIP Perks coupons in your area.  
  4. Some coupons have a phone icon--you can show your phone at the store or restaurant (no printout needed).  Other coupons require printing before use.  Read the details before printing.  Most allow up to 14 days from printing before the paper coupon expires, but some differ.
  5. Snap a photo or a quick video showing your savings, and upload them to your account here on CouponFindr.com.  We'll share these on the Post & Boast page.  
  6. Tell your friends about your savings.  Whether you use social media, a newsletter, or word-of-mouth telling, make sure to include your referral code.  
  7. When your friend uses your referral code to buy a VIP Perks membership, the friend saves a percentage off the regular price, and you earn part of what they spent.  (Percentages vary by location but will be provided in your offer letter.)  
  8. At the beginning of each month, we mail you a check for all the referrals you brought VIP Perks the previous month.
  9. At the end of your free year, active Partners can continue to be Partners with a new, free annual membership.

VIP Perks Description

Apply to be a Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be paid and how much do my friends save when they use my referral code?

Percentages vary by location but will be provided in your offer letter.

Each VIP Perks membership sells for $40 per year.  (Monthly and quarterly options are also available.)  When you see how quickly you save with these coupons, you will  see what a great value the membership is, especially for friends who receive a discount by using your referral code.  Your referral fee  saves your friends money.  When your friend uses your referral code at checkout (and they will--because nobody wants to pay full price), they pay less than full price, and you earn, too.

Who can be a Partner?


Anyone can apply to be a Partner: individuals, community groups, etc.  You can even share the proceeds between two individuals or groups, or a group and an individual.  

Partners can be:

  • individuals who blog, Facebook, or use social media to share their referral code
  • organizations fundraising, such as schools, PTAs, scouting groups, religious groups, sports teams, nonprofit groups, ad more

Can I split or share my payment with a friend, family member, coworker, or other group in a way that it doesn't go to me first?


Have one responsible person register, and, in your profile section, tell us to whom we are making payments and where to mail it. There's a place in your profile to tell us what percent of the money should go to each party.  

Can we do this as a fundraiser for our school, religious group, or other organization?


Have one responsible person register, and in your profile section, tell us to whom we are making payments and where to mail it,  

Can I just sign up to have a free account without actually promoting anything?


People interested in being a Partner apply on our site and, once approved, are given a free annual membership.  However, if the Partner's referral code is not used to purchase a membership by any new user within the first 2 months, the Partner's account is put on hold until a sale is made.  This gives new Partners 2 months to use their local coupons and spread the word on what they have saved.    

What's the Difference between a Partner and a Member?

Members pay.  Partners get paid.

Members pay for access to VIP Perks, do not have a referral code, and do not earn money by referring their friends to VIP Perks.

Partners are given free access to VIP Perks, issued a personal referral code, and earn money by referring their friends to VIP Perks.  

How often are we paid?


Payments are mailed monthly for all transactions in the previous month.  We use USPS, and your payment should arrive by the 10th of the new month.  (Example:  Your January sales are reviewed February 3, and your check arrives by February 10.)

Is this reported to the IRS? 


We are legally required to report to the IRS when one person or group earns $600 or more in a year.  Your profile page includes a space for your (or your organization's) taxpayer ID.  The space can be left blank until you earn $600, at which time we will need to place the payment on hold and request you complete the form.

What legal limitations do we have?

  • All marketing materials you generate with a logo not owned by you must be preapproved before used.  This includes the logos of CouponFindr.com, VIP Perks, any businesses offering a discount, or any other logo not owned by you. (Preapproved marketing materials are available, and we have tips on creating your own materials without violating copyright or other use laws.)
  • Our promotional materials may only be used in the act of Promoting for CouponFindr.com.
  • Require taxpayer ID if you will be paid $600 or more in a year.  (Taxpayer ID not required if less than $600 is paid.)
  • Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more details.

What do Partners receive?

  • Partners earn a share of the money spent with their referral codes. 
  • Marketing materials to use in your newsletter, blog, poster, video, or other social media.  
  • FREE annual membership to VIP Perks while you are an active Partner.  ($40 reg. price)

Does CouponFindr.com help individual Partners make location-specific marketing materials?

We offer a variety of preapproved marketing materials for a range of Partners.  

We happily review all requests for help and do our best to assist our Partners.  

Other Questions

Please feel free to contact us with any questions not answered here.  

For questions about the Partner program, contact Gregg at Gregg@CouponFindr.com.

For any other questions, visit our Contact Us page.

VIP Perks Description

Apply to be a Partner