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About Potential Partnership between Your Website and CouponFindr.com

Option 1: Affiliate Partner

CouponFindr.com, offering consumers access to 500,000 coupons and discount offers, is seeking to partner with Bloggers to help Bloggers' readers save up to $2,150 per year and help Bloggers increase their annual earnings.

We offer three potential forms of partnership: 

  1. Affiliate Partner (see below), 
  2. eCommerce Partner (click to learn more), and
  3. Value-Added Reseller (click to learn more).

About Affiliate Partner Program

50% Revenue Share:  Your blog will earn 50% of all subscription fees paid by your blog readers and/or anyone else using your blog's unique Discount Code (see below).   Your earnings will be transferred to you on a weekly basis.

1-Day Launch The Affiliate Partner program is the simplest and easiest-to-set-up form of partnership.  It can be launched within 1 (one) day.  

Earnings Tracking Your blog will get its own unique Discount Code which will allow us to track the number of new subscribers referred by your blog and thus calculate your share of Sales Revenue.  This VIP Perks Discount Code, when mentioned in your blog (in articles, or as a separate website menu item), will offer your readers a discount off our annual, quarterly, and  monthly subscription rates.  For example, instead of paying $40 for the annual access  to VIP Perks, if the Discount is set for 50%, your readers will only pay $20 (and gain an opportunity to save up to $2,150!), and you earn 50% of that--$10. 

For ease of use for your blog readers, the Discount Code could be your blog's name.  For example, for a blog named FrugalJane.com, the Discount Code could be set at <FrugalJane50> (where "50" signifies 50% OFF), or <FJ50>, or anything else you would prefer (if such a unique code is still available and not already taken by other partners). 

Potential Earnings Amounts:  The chart below (Figure 1) shows potential earnings based on your blog's monthly traffic and potential conversion rates assuming your readers select the annual subscription at $20 (50% off the regular rate).  At that pricing, your blog will earn $1,000 for every 100 new subscribers who will have used your Discount Code.  

Benefits for Your Readers A key advantage of this partnership option is that your readers will gain access to VIP Perks automatically, within seconds of successful  payment processing.   This will allow them to enjoy their savings right away (including in those occasions when they are already inside one of the merchants / retail venues for which they'd like to get a coupon or a discount).

FREE Subscriptions:  To demonstrate to you the value of the  VIP Perks subscription we will grant your blog 6 (six) FREE annual VIP Perks subscriptions:  

  • 1 is for you as the blog-owner to try VIP Perks our for yourself before you even commit to our partnership (and you can enjoy this FREE membership regardless of whether you decide to go ahead with the partnership or not), and
  • 5 more when you commit to our partnership:  you could use these additional subscriptions as a giveaway for your best readers or for your first (early bird) subscribers.

Full Support:  We are committed to providing you as a blogger our full support.  There are 3 (three) possible ways that you could choose from to promote CouponFindr's VIP Perks subscription service on your website:

  1. Contextual hyperlinks in one or more of your blog posts or articles,
  2. Dedicated blog posts or articles created specifically to promote VIP Perks, and
  3. Separate website Menu section entirely dedicated to VIP perks.

And we will help with marketing and any other content that might be required for any of the above to make our partnership a success.


Figure 1:  Blog's Potential Annualized Share of Revenue based on Monthly Traffic and Conversion Rates ($/year)

Additional Questions / Next Steps / Contact Us

If you have any additional questions please click here to check out our FAQs section.  If the FAQ does not answer the questions you might have, please do not hesitate to contact us (see contacts below) today and we will answer any questions you might have within 1-2 business days.

If you are interested to partner with us and proceed with the launch of this Affiliate Partner program, please let us know at the following contacts or by using the pink contact button: