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About Potential Partnership between Your Website and CouponFindr.com

Option 3: Value-Added Reseller

CouponFindr.com, offering consumers access to 500,000 coupons and discount offers, is seeking to partner with Bloggers to help Bloggers' readers save up to $2,150 per year and help Bloggers increase their annual earnings.

We offer three potential forms of partnership: 

  1. Affiliate Partner (click to learn more), 
  2. eCommerce Partner (click to learn more), and
  3. Value-Added Reseller (see below for details).

About Value-Added Reseller Program

For those bloggers who prefer not only to use their own eCommerce capabilities (product catalog, shopping cart, payment processing, as well as user personal information gathering forms)  but also earn a bigger margin reselling the VIP Perks subscriptions, there is an option to pre-purchase blocks of subscriptions at pre-defined cost (see the Wholesale Price List below), which will result in margins much higher than 50% offered by the Affiliate and eCommerce Partner programs.

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) can also determine their own selling price to either increase their margin even more or to increase the sales volume, depending on the blog's sales and marketing strategy.

Reseller Profit Margin:  As a VAR, after purchasing blocks of 100 or more annual subscriptions at a predetermined lower cost (see Table 1 for the Wholesale Price List below), you can decide on your own selling price: 

  • you can lower the price below $20/year (which is CouponFindr's standard price after a 50% discount), to help increase the sales volume, or
  • you can increase the price above $20/year to help earn an additional profit.

Launch If your blog has eCommerce capabilities (product catalog, shopping cart, payment processing, as well as user personal information gathering forms) you could add VIP Perks as an additional Product or Service to your Online Shop assortment and start selling right away.  

To launch this form of partnership will take a bit of preparation though, including (1) setting up VIP Perks as a new product / service for sale in your Online Store, (2) adding a personal information form (to capture your customers' First Name, Last Name, and Email) as well as (3) agreeing on the process of new customer data exchange and activation.

One of the key aspects of this option is that your readers / customers will need to provide you their First Name, Last Name, and their preferred Email to which they'd like to link their VIP Perks access.  To activate the purchased VIP Perks memberships we will need to receive the above information about new subscribers from you as soon as possible after successful purchase completion. 

Potential Earnings Amounts:  Depending on how many annual subscriptions you decide to pre-purchase (which will determine your purchase cost) and depending on the selling price at which you decide to sell such annual subscriptions (which will determine your gross margin) your potential earnings will be determined by your own sales and marketing strategy.

If you maintained a 50% profit margin at a $20 selling price for the annual subscription, your blog could earn $1,000 for every 100 new subscribers.  The chart below (Figure 1) shows potential earnings based on your blog's monthly traffic and potential conversion rates.

Benefits for Your Readers A key advantage of this partnership option is that (1) your readers will feel more comfortable buying VIP Perks from your blog, which they trust and are a lot more familiar and comfortable with and (2) you will get your share of the earnings a bit faster.

Disadvantages Unfortunately, however, with this form of partnership, there will be a slight delay between the timing when your readers will buy the VIP Perks membership and when we will be able to activate it.  We will need to receive all new subscriber data (First Name, Last Name, and Email) from you as fast as possible to be able to activate their memberships and notify them of such activation with as little delay as possible.

This option will also require more work on both your side and our side to ensure the required data is transferred, new subscribers get notified, and any future member reconciliations are conducted in a timely manner.

Low Subscriptions Cost The key difference between this VAR Partnership program and the eCommerce Partnership one is that your blog can earn additional gross margin by pre-purchasing a block of Annual VIP Perks subscriptions at Wholesale Prices (see Table 1 below).

Such wholesale prices offer you an opportunity to earn an additional profit of $2.50 to $8.00 per new subscriber.  Thus, if your selling price will be set at $20/annual subscription by purchasing the smallest block of 100 subscriptions at $7.50 each your gross margin will be $12.50 per subscriber (or about 63%).  And by purchasing the largest block of 5,000 annual subscriptions at $2.00 each your gross margin will be $18.00 per subscriber (or 90%)!

If you decide to set the annual subscription prices above $20 your gross margin will be higher than 90%.

Full Support:  We are committed to providing you as a blogger our full support.  There are 3 (three) possible ways that you could choose from to promote CouponFindr's VIP Perks subscription service on your website:

  1. Contextual hyperlinks in one or more of your blog posts or articles,
  2. Dedicated blog posts or articles created specifically to promote VIP Perks, and
  3. Separate website Menu section entirely dedicated to VIP perks.

And we will help with marketing and any other content that might be required for any of the above to make our partnership a success.


Figure 1:  Blog's Potential Annualized Share of Revenue based on Monthly Traffic and Conversion Rates ($/year)


Table 1:  VIP Perks Annual Subscriptions Wholesale Price List

Purchase Volume*

Wholesale Price / Subscription

Final Gross Margin**














































*NOTE1:  Number of Annual VIP Perks Subscriptions (CouponFindr.com's retail price of $40/subscription)

**NOTE2:  Assumes the Annual Subscription selling price of $20.  If the selling price is higher than $20 the gross margin will also be bigger than those specified in this column.

Additional Questions / Next Steps / Contact Us

If you have any additional questions please click here to check out our FAQs section.  If the FAQ does not answer the questions you might have, please do not hesitate to contact us (see contacts below) today and we will answer any questions you might have within 1-2 business days.

If you are interested to partner with us and proceed with the launch of this Value-Added Reseller program, please let us know at the following contacts: