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About Potential Partnership between Your Blog and CouponFindr.com

Partnership Options and FAQs

CouponFindr.com, offering consumers access to 500,000 coupons and discount offers, is seeking to partner with Bloggers to help Bloggers' readers save up to $2,150 per year and help Bloggers increase their annual earnings.

Table of Contents

  1. About CouponFindr.com
  2. Potential Forms of Partnership between Bloggers and CouponFindr.com
  3. FAQs


1.  About CouponFindr.com

CouponFindr.com is an online platform offering consumers online and mobile-phone based access to VIP Perks, the US largest coupon and discount offers network containing more than 500,000 coupons and discount offers across 10 categories and across about 10,000 cities.

People can save up to $2,150 per year across multiple categories:

  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Auto Repair
  • Beauty & Health
  • Home Services
  • Kids' Education
  • Theme Parks
  • Fun
  • Golf
  • Travel
  • ...and more.

2.  Potential Forms of Partnership between Bloggers and CouponFindr.com

We are extremely flexible in how we are ready to partner with your blog (a) to offer your readers and customers an opportunity to save money and (b) to offer you an opportunity to earn more from your blog.

Three potential forms of partnership:

Affiliate Partner

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eCommerce Partner

Sell VIP Perks subscriptions through own Blog's Online Store and earn 50% Gross Margin

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Value-Added Reseller

Resell pre-purchased blocks of subscriptions at own price point and earn 60-90% Gross Margin

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3. Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIP Perks?

VIP Perks is the U.S. largest network of merchant coupons and discounts offering consumers convenient desktop and mobile-phone based access to more than 500,000 coupons across 10 categories in about 10,000 cities and towns in the United States.

How much money can VIP Perks help save my blog readers and customers?

Some VIP Perks Members who use coupons and discounts frequently save as much as $2,150 per year or even more.

The key to saving substantial amounts of money is to check if VIP Perks offers coupons and discounts every time one wants to go out to a Restaurant, or visit some Retailers, Beauty Salons, Auto Repair Shops, or preparing to work on a Home Improvement project, or while planning a visit to a Theme Park, Sports, or other Entertainment, or planning to Travel.

Where VIP Perks can be used?

VIP Perks offers access to 500,000 coupons and discount offers across numerous Nationally branded chains of Restaurants, Retailers, Auto Repair Shops, Movie Theaters, Theme Parks, as well as tens of thousands of local merchants in such services as Restaurants, Beauty and Health, Sports, Kids' Education, Entertainment, etc.

Coupons and discount offers are available at all major U.S. metropolitan areas and in numerous cities, towns, and locations.

Can I see a sample of specific merchants and coupons / discounts available on VIP Perks?

For convenience we have developed a sample of VIP Perks Coupon Maps available across the State of Florida.  To see click on any of the major Metro areas below:

To look at what's available in your area, visit the app at vipperks.club and click "Find Your Exclusive Perks," close the login box, and input your city or zip code.

If we partner together can similar Coupon Maps be provided for my local area / state?

Yes, absolutely, to help promote VIP Perks more effectively we can develop, provide, and embed similar Coupon Maps for any state or local area on which your blog might be focusing.

I would like to partner with CouponFindr, what are the next steps?

Simply click the botton below or Email us, Text us,  or Call us at any of the following contacts to let us know and we’ll get started:

Email:  CouponFindr.com@gmail.com (attention:  Vadim, co-founder)

Text / Mobile Phone:  (813) 534-0008

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