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Posted 10/06/2021 in Couponing

Access Code for VIP Perks App: Where and How to Get One

Access Code for VIP Perks App: Where and How to Get One

Access Code for VIP Perks App: Where and How to Get One

While the VIP Perks coupon app is free, the coupons can only be redeemed by members, people with an access code.  The VIP Perks access code can be obtained from companies selling them as well as schools and other nonprofit groups’ fundraisers.  A few people get their VIP Perks access codes for free (see below).

What is VIP Perks?

There are many VIP programs in the world.  Here we are talking about the VIP Perks app, available in the Apple store and in Google Play.  It’s the digital version of the Entertainment Coupon Book.  The app contains over half a million coupons for a bevy of restaurants, retailers, entertainment spots, and other service providers across the United States.  If the name “Entertainment Book” doesn’t ring a bell, think back to all the school and other nonprofit fundraisers you have seen the past 40 years—remember a super-thick coupon book?  That’s it!

Where and How Do I Get an Access Code for VIP Perks?

There are free VIP Perks access codes or memberships available for certain groups of people, however most people who live in large cities or even medium-sized cities find even the paid membership is a very good bargain compared to the coupons they receive.   Some of the people who get free VIP Perks memberships are HCPS (Hillsborough County Public Schools) teachers and staff; bloggers and partners of CouponFindr.com; fundraiser coordinators in order to sample the product; and those who enroll in the auto-pay, corporate-rate annual VIP Perks subscription from Entertainment, which comes with a short free trial
before the credit card is charged.  For more information on these free options, read the second section of the article "
How Much Does the Entertainment Book Cost."  

For those without a free trial, there are plenty of choices available for monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions.  These can be bought through many different resellers--reselling at both more than and less than the corporate site's prices, and some work with nonprofit groups to help support their fundraisers.  Surprisingly, the best price for a VIP Perks access code is often through a school fundraiser.  For example, at the time this article was written, Dover Elementary School of Dover, Florida, had a fundraiser using code “50DoverES” to take 50% off regular prices when people buy the access code/membership on CouponFindr.com.  The regular price for an annual subscription is $40.  Dover ES’s 50% off code brings that to $20, and half of the money will go to the school.  And $20 is the lowest 1-year access code price we found while looking at other sites.   


How Do I Join VIP Perks App?

To join VIP Perks requires two simple steps—and we’ll recommend you do one quick thing before you actually take those steps.  First, go to vipperks.club and click around the site without logging in.   It’s totally free to preview all the coupons on the app this way.  Of course, the site is protected so you cannot redeem coupons without first activating a legit VIP Perks access code.

Once you have previewed the site and decided it’s a good money saver for you (or for your friends—the Entertainment Book was a popular gift for many years, too), then there are two steps to join VIP Perks, and you can do them in either order.   One step is to download and install the free app on your phone—the app is available in the Apple app store and the Google Play app store.  (If you don’t want it on your phone, you can always stick to using it on a computer at the site where you previewed the coupons.)  The final step is to obtain an access code.  As already mentioned, some people can get it for free but most purchase a VIP Perks access code through a school fundraiser (such as inserting the Dover ES code mentioned above when checking out on CouponFindr.com).  

Do I Need a VIP Perks Access Code?

To redeem VIP Perks app coupons, yes, you need an active account.  Depending on from whom you bought your membership, you might have received an access code with instruction on where to type the code.  The codes are one-account use; they will not work for more than one account at a time.  If you buy an access code in other places, on CouponFindr.com, for example, the activation takes place automatically and attaches your membership to the email address you selected.  You don’t actually see the “access code” because it skips one or two steps and activates the account for you.  You can change the email address and your password on the VIP Perks site in your “profile” section.


How Do I Activate My Entertainment Book App?

If you buy your VIP Perks membership through a site like CouponFindr.com, simply follow the on-screen instructions to click through to the app after purchase.  If you buy on one device (for example, your laptop) and then download the app on another device (for example, your phone), you can go to your “profile” on the VIP Perks site and update the password to one you like.   Save it.  Then enter the same email address you used for registration and this new password into the app’s login screen on your phone.

And here you can also learn how to use the VIP Perks app on different types of devices:

Or let us know if you'll need help with something that was not covered in any of the above tutorials.

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