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Are Entertainment Books Still Available?

Are Entertainment Books Still Available?

Are Entertainment Books Still Available?

Entertainment Books are still available—but starting in 2022, we're told the books are going 100% digital and will only be available online.  Instead of buying the paper books, people can download the app and buy a membership.   For people who love paper books, or who enjoyed wrapping the Entertainment coupon book as a gift after buying from the local school’s fundraiser, this is a disappointment.   However, there are several upsides to the new, digital format worth noticing.


Entertainment Book Coupon App Works Throughout the United States

First, the Entertainment book we used to buy was often regional.  There were some national coupons in it, but there was a section with local restaurants, automotive shops, theme parks, bowling, and other local coupons.   When you traveled for work or on a vacation, or if your household moved to a new city, you no longer had the benefit of your old Entertainment book’s “local” coupons.  But now, with the Entertainment coupon book’s digital app, no matter where you are in the United States, you can pull up local coupons.  Heading to Tampa on vacation?  You are a few clicks away from discounted Busch Gardens theme park tickets, hotel and travel savings, and, once you arrive, coupons available for a variety of restaurants.  Heading to Chicago for work next week?  Use the app in the same way—you can simply enter a city’s name or a zip code to narrow the focus area to be where you will be visiting.  


Entertainment Book App Doesn’t Have to Expire on December 31

The paper Entertainment book’s coupons expired on December 31 of each year, but now people can buy the app and pay for a 1-year membership or 3-month or even a 1-month membership, depending on where they buy it and what they want.  Entertainment’s corporate website offers 2 options: annual membership and monthly membership, and the price may vary but it is on the site, visible before making the purchase.  Entertainment also sells bulk “books” (subscriptions) at a lower rate to other groups who resell the individual membership.  Those groups resell at different prices and for different time periods, depending on what they have available. The best advice here is “Don’t settle for a December 31 expiration date” if that’s not what you want.  There are monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships available.


Entertainment Book App’s Pricing is More Flexible Than the Paper Book

Several years ago, it was easy to pick up a $5 Entertainment coupon book in October, because the coupons were expiring on December 31.   Now that the timing is not as rigid, pricing is across the board.  One group might sell it for more than the corporate rate—and another group might sell it for less than the corporate rate.  Some groups are fundraisers for nonprofit organizations and others are simply businesses.  Compare a few until you feel good about the price you will pay.  And if you are torn between supporting a fundraiser and a tempting lower price for a business, remember, you can always donate the difference to the charity, and they will appreciate it.


Entertainment Book App Fits in Your Phone—No Need to Carry a Bulky Book

The best part about selling the Entertainment coupon books as a kid was it was huge.  Just looking at its girth, the neighbors knew it had at least several hundred coupons inside and if even a few of those coupons met their needs, it was a good value.  This was one of the more popular and easy-to-sell fundraisers I ever experienced as a student.  However, it was so thick, people had to put it away somewhere.  It didn’t (easily) fit in a purse to be carried to a restaurant.   It was often left by similarly thick books (ours was by the phone book) and sometimes misplaced.  Now that the Entertainment Book is an app, it fits on your phone (which might fit in your purse!) and can be carried everywhere, even on vacation.


Entertainment Book Coupons Are Easier to Read on Computer Screens

While the paper coupons in the Entertainment Book were not difficult to read for people with 20/20 vision, others of us required our glasses.  The new Entertainment Book is described as an app that people download on their phones—but that means it is also a website people can visit with any internet-enabled device, like a tablet or computer.  On a computer, it’s easier to read comfortably without glasses by adjusting the screen’s magnification.  To preview the Entertainment Book’s coupons without actually joining, go to; when a pop-up box appears, asking you to log in, just click the “X” and it will close.  You can preview the coupons in your area by entering your zip code at the top of the page.  The coupons are not usable until your membership is activated; you can activate it through and, if you have a fundraiser code, please input it on the payment screen so we give the correct portion to the group you have chosen.   

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