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Posted 05/30/2022 in Couponing

Entertain Book Coupons

Entertain Book Coupons

Entertain Book Coupons

Do you remember using the gigantic Entertain Book’s coupons for family fun and restaurants when you were a kid?  How about did you ever sell that thick Entertain Book as a school fundraiser?   The coupons often saved customers 25%, 30%, even 50% while dining out at their favorite local restaurants and on date nights and other fun events.  The Entertain Book has been around for over 60 years.  But you might not have seen it this year and are wondering what happened to the Entertain Book.

Entertain Book Coupons Updates

The Entertain Book is still available and there have been some major updates.  For starters, it’s bigger than ever.  People used to buy one book with the name of the city or county on the cover.  Now, all of the coupons for all the Entertain Book regions across the United States of America have been brought together.  You can preview all of the coupons at www.vipperks.club and input your zip code to see what coupons are near you.  The Entertainment company set up the site so people are able to see as much as they like before deciding whether to buy it.

The second major update for the Entertain Book is it no longer looks like a book.  Now, instead of having to carry an encyclopedia set of coupon books good for all the different regions in the United States of America, people just pay the same price as the book used to be but instead get access for all of the Entertain Book coupons nationwide through the VIP Perks coupon app or using a computer attached to a printer.  The Entertainment company that made all the Entertain Books also made the app.  Same company, but it looks different as an app.

Entertain Book Coupons Updates Led to Benefits:

  • More coupons (500,000+)
  • Easier to carry (download app to your phone or print out coupons from your computer when you are ready to use them)
  • More environmental (less paper wasted printing the thousands of coupons people won’t decide to use)
  • Many different retailers sell access (you pick the lowest price or a fundraiser you want to support).

How and Where to Buy Entertain Book Coupons

If you know and love and always buy the Entertain Book each year and just want to go buy it without looking for the lowest price for the Entertain Book, you can go straight to the payment page (www.couponfindr.com/checkout/9).  

However, we recommend everyone else take a few minutes to make sure it’s what they want and find the best price for it.  Here are our suggestions:

  • Use the www.vipperks.club site (or our Coupon Maps) to preview coupons in your area and places you often visit.  If you think you will save more than $20 in a year of using the coupons, go to the next step.
  • Decide whether you want access to the Entertain Book coupons for 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year.  Most companies who resell it offer 1-year subscriptions, and those tend to be the best price savings.  However, if you are a tourist coming to the United States for less than a month, or you just want to find the lowest price possible to use the app for a few things in the next 30 days, you can save money by going with a 1-month subscription.  
  • Do an internet search for the best possible prices for the Entertain Book.  There are many different resellers offering the Entertain Book, including fundraising groups, for-profit companies, and even the company that first created the Entertain Books.  Their prices change from time to time.  Most offer a 1-year subscription starting the day you join, but read carefully as some sell a 1-year subscription that ends December 31 of that year.  If you want a shorter subscription, add that to your search words because it’s not sold at as many resellers.  Since the Entertainment company calls the online app version “VIP Perks” it’s a good idea to include that in your search.  And if you don’t really like price comparing online, and looking whether there are additional discount codes to help bring those prices down, simply go to the next step.
  • Use an Entertain Book coupon code to lower the price.  At the time this article was written, one of the best codes we found was 50MangoES.  It cuts your price by 50% and also gives 50% back to Mango Elementary School in Seffner, Florida.  This Entertain Book coupon code works on 1-month, 3-month, and 1-year subscriptions when bought from the reseller CouponFindr.com, which has rates consistently tied for the lowest price we’ve found.  
  • If you want to learn more about the Entertain Book’s VIP Perks coupon app, there are helpful guides available at www.couponfindr.com/help for using VIP Perks on a computer, an Apple phone, or an Android phone on the website, and there is more information about the coupon app at www.couponfindr.com/VIP_Perks_Description.
  • When you are ready to join, click the pink “Join Now” or “Join VIP Perks” buttons on the website or simply go to www.couponfindr.com/checkout/9.  Input the discount coupon (50MangoES) and see the price cut by 50%.
  • Fill in the form and buy your membership.  (If you aren’t in the United States, you should wait until you arrive or maybe a day before you leave home to buy your subscription, as it does start the day you purchase it.).
  • Write down the password you selected while buying your subscription.  Use your email address and that password to activate your subscription.  You can use it on your computer and also by downloading the VIP Perks app from your preferred app store.


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