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Posted 05/16/2022 in Couponing

Entertainment Book 2022 Preview

Entertainment Book 2022 Preview

Entertainment Book 2022 Preview

If you have never looked for an Entertainment Book 2022 Preview, here’s the easy answer: use the clickable coupon maps (www.couponfindr.com/vip_perks_coupons_by_state) or if your state is not listed, use the slightly longer process at vipperks.club.  The first was created by CouponFindr.com and the second was created by the Entertainment Book, both for the very purpose of providing an Entertainment Book 2022 preview.  

You can use either method to preview the Entertainment Book 2022 and look at coupon offers near where you live or where you plan to travel.  For tips and step-by-step instructions on how to access these free Entertainment Book 2022 Previews, keep reading.

2 Helpful Tips for Your Entertainment Book 2022 Preview

  1. Understand that the book is now entirely online, not printed.  Many people still call it the Entertainment Book, but it’s no longer actually a printed book.  Everything’s online.
  2. Know that coupons are updated roughly every quarter.  Some companies have longer term agreements with Entertainment Book and will leave their coupons in the book the whole year, while others might change their offers or not appear in the book for a while.  So if you do an Entertainment Book 2022 preview this month and do another Entertainment Book preview a few months from now, yes, there will be changes to the coupons and businesses you see.

How to Preview Entertainment Book 2022 on a Clickable Map

The Entertainment Book 2022 preview is available on a clickable map for certain states.  These maps were created by CouponFindr.com and are located at www.couponfindr.com/vip_perks_coupons_by_state.  If your state or providence is not listed, and you would like a clickable map, we suggest dropping a suggestion note on our contacts page to encourage the person who spent hours making the current maps.  Let him know you like his work and tell him you’d like a map for your area.  (Everyone likes compliments!)

The states with clickable Entertainment Book 2022 Previews currently are:

If your state or providence is not listed, you can still use one of the two remaining methods to see an Entertainment Book 2022 Preview.  This is good all across the United States of America and Canada, even if your location is not in the above list.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Entertainment Book 2022 Preview on the App (see below for computer instructions)

  1. Download the VIP Perks app from your preferred app store.  Open the app.
  2. On the app, click “View the Savings,” which is under the “Login” bar.  
  3. You can scroll down the list of coupons that first appears.  However, since the app does not yet know your location or which category of coupons you wish to discover, tap the “hamburger” (3 horizontal lines) in the upper-right corner to select “Search Near Me” or “Search By Category.”
  4. If you selected “Search Near Me,” fill in a zip code or city and state, then tap “What are you looking for?” and enter a business’s name or a generic term like, “restaurants.”  Then click the green “Search Now” button.  (Clicking “See Near Me” won’t work until you have given permission for the app to know your location.)
  5. Scroll the results.
  6. Tap a specific coupon to see its details.  Details can include the address of the business and additional coupons available for the same business.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Entertainment Book 2022 Preview on the Computer (see above for app instructions)

  1. Go to www.vipperks.club on your computer internet browser.
  2. Click “Find Your Exclusive Perks.”
  3. A  pop-up will appear titled “Login to Savings.”   Click the “X” in the upper-right button to dismiss the login box.
  4. You can either click on one of the categories in the left column or enter a location in the “Search Here for Deals Near You” boxes.  If you use the location search, tap the green “Go” button.
  5. If you entered a location, the screen will update showing your location’s name, as well as coupons from that location.  Notice a new search box also appears in the upper-right corner, containing the words “What are you looking for?”  Type either a business’s name or a generic term like “movie.”  As you type, auto-fill options appear, so you may select the one you want before finishing typing.  Tap the green “Go” button.
  6. Your screen should now contain coupons in your area that match your search.  If the list seems very short or does not contain the coupon you expect to see, expand your search with a new search term.  The system looks for exact matches in the business name first.  For example, a search for “thrift” would pull up “Annie’s Thrift Shop” but not “Beatrice’s Second-Hand Store.”

Once you have completed your Entertainment Book 2022 Preview, you might be ready to sign up for access.  You just need an access code.  Then you can log into the app and computer-based site to use all of the coupons.  See below for articles on where and how to get your access code, free trials, and more.

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