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Posted 09/20/2021 in Couponing

How to Get Coupons for Evivo Baby Probiotics: 4 Ways to Save Money on Evivo!

How to Get Coupons for Evivo Baby Probiotics: 4 Ways to Save Money on Evivo!

Yes, there are some obvious sources for Evivo baby probiotic discount codes, coupons, and offers, but Evivo also has partnerships with other companies.  Evivo’s partners include Evivo coupons when they mail parents and expectant parents their own welcome packages.


Is there a Discount Code for Evivo Baby Probiotic?

Yes, there is currently a BOGO 50% off code on Evivo baby probiotics.  Use code “BOGO50” which is at the top of the Evivo site.  If the code doesn’t work for you, check the site as codes do expire and new codes may appear.  The code is explained in the details as being “buy 1+ months, get 1+ months at 50% off,” so plan ahead how many months worth of probiotic you will need before ordering, in order to maximize your money saved.


Where Can I Get an Evivo Discount?

The first and fastest way to get a discount on Evivo Baby Probiotics is to fill out the online form on their corporate site at https://www.evivo.com/evivo-promotion.  Signing up will save you up to $20 on your first purchase.  The site also explains the symptoms of bad bacteria in a baby’s gut, a quiz to help parents decide whether their babies need probiotics, answers to frequently asked questions, and a video teaching how probiotics help correct and regulate bacterial issues in our bodies.  


Does Evivo Baby Probiotics Have a Members Rewards Program for Customer Loyalty?

Yes, register for Evivo’s Rewards program at https://store.evivo.com/pages/evivo-rewards.  There’s a $10 gift on the registration page, and you receive 300 rewards points for signing up.  Earn more points each time you refer a friend (1000 points) or make a purchase (5 points per dollar spent).  You can use the rewards points on a future purchase, exchanging 100 points for $1 off Evivo baby probiotic products.  



Does Evivo Baby Probiotics Send Out Coupons?

While there is not an obvious way to ask for Evivo coupons to be mailed to your home, Evivo offers a coupon code on their website, an online form to register for another discount, a rewards program for loyal customers, and—not mentioned on their website—their partners send out coupons.  


How Can I Get Evivo Coupons for Baby Probiotics?
contents of Enfamil Welcome Baby box Enfamil Welcome Baby Box contains Enfamil samples and coupons for Engamil, Evivo, Dyper, Hello Fresh, and UpSpring.


While Evivo doesn’t seem to send out its baby probiotics coupons itself, you can receive paper coupons from their partners.  One big partner is Enfamil.  Sign up for Enfamil’s free welcome box, and you will receive samples and coupons of Enfamil formula as well as other offers from Enfamil’s partners, like Evivo, Dyper, Hello Fresh, and UpSpring.  To register, go to https://www.enfamil.com/offers/baby-formula-coupons-samples.



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