Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Coupons
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How to Get Coupons for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

How to Get Coupons for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Sweet Rewards Welcome emailKrispy Kreme has long been known for generosity, whether we’re talking about free donuts or nonprofit fundraisers.  Over the years, we’ve been handed several hot, fresh, FREE Krispy Kreme donuts by smiling employees, often for no reason other than we were there.  Spring and summer of 2021, vaccinated guests were gifted a FREE glazed Krispy Kreme donut each day.  Krispy Kreme coupons are also included in newspaper inserts; there are local deals promoted on in-store displays; used in fundraisers—really, Krispy Kreme coupons can be found nearly everywhere.  

What Will I Get for Joining Krispy Kreme’s Sweet Rewards Program?

First, Krispy Kreme sends new Sweetest Rewards members a coupon for one free donut—any style, your choice!

Next, each time you make purchases at Krispy Kreme, you will accumulate points in the Krispy Kreme rewards program.  Sweetest Rewards provides gifts to promote customer loyalty.  Buy what you like and the rewards program tracks you toward a reward of that same type; buy 12 single donuts, get 1 FREE single donut; buy 12 dozens, get 1 FREE dozen.

Third, during the month of your birthday, you’ll receive a special Birthday Reward from Krispy Kreme, usually a FREE coffee and a FREE donut of your choice.

Krispy Kreme free donut with charitable donation Children Network campAnd the other thing you get with the Sweet Rewards Program is information.  Krispy Kreme sends an email every few days, sometimes twice a day.   Some Krispy Kreme emails announce the latest flavors, shapes, or holiday-themed donuts.  Others promote a charity, often supporting fundraising for the group with a specific offer, like the free glazed donut offer when people stopped by participating Krispy Kreme locations and made any donation to the Children’s Network’s SeriousFun camps.  Some emails contain coupons, like BOGO dozen donut offers and $1 dozen glazed offers.  And others let you know how Krispy Kreme is active in your community.  

How Can I Get a Free Donut or Doughnut at Krispy Kreme?

The old-fashioned way to get a free Krispy Kreme donut was to stop by while the “Hot” light was on—but that only works now in some locations.  This makes sense, especially with fewer locations baking on site.  

The summer of 2021 way to get a free Krispy Kreme donut was to show your COVID-19 vaccination card; for part of the summer, this method could get a person 2 FREE donuts per day.

But if your location doesn’t do the “Hot” light promotion and other promotions have ended, one good method to get a free Krispy Kreme donut is to register for their customer loyalty program.  It’s free to join.  The first email you receive gives you a free doughnut—your choice which kind.  After that, any products you buy in Krispy Kreme will help you earn more free food and coffee.  And Krispy Kreme will send you a Birthday Reward email around the beginning of your birthday month.


Does Krispy Kreme Have Any Available Coupons?

Krispy Kreme always has available coupons—or at least well publicized offers.  The best way to be in the know is to register for the loyalty program ( so you are emailed every offer.  While Krispy Kreme does print coupons in Sunday newspaper inserts in some areas, it’s not on a predictable schedule.  


What Do You Get For Free from Krispy Kreme on Your Birthday?

Yes, Krispy Kreme does have a FREE Birthday Promotion.  When registering for Krispy Kreme’s rewards program, make certain to include your birthday so you receive a Birthday Reward (usually one free donut of your choice and one free coffee).  The reward does not need to be redeemed on your exact birth date.  The offer is good once in your birth month.  


Can I Deal Stack at Krispy Kreme to Save Money?

Yes.  Best deal we’ve ever done went something like this:

  • Go to Sam’s Club’s website and search for “Krispy Kreme,” and narrow by the category “gift certificates ( kreme).  Buy a Krispy Kreme gift card.  Buy the one with the biggest discount on the face value of the card.  The sale prices change, so do the calculations each time you buy one.  Today, for example, there are three options:Krispy Kreme discounted gift cards at Sam's Club
    • Pay $37.50 for $50 worth of Krispy Kreme gift cards.
    • Pay $25.48 for $30 worth of Krispy Kreme gift cards.
    • Pay $23.98 for $25 worth of Krispy Kreme gift cards.

          The first option saves you 25% off the face value.  Buy that one.

  • Enroll in Krispy Kreme’s customer loyalty program.  Wait for an offer that suits your preferences.  Be patient—you will receive several emails each week, but some are repetitive.  Wait for one that you like.
  • Go to participating Krispy Kreme location that uses the “Hot” light promotion—so each member of your party goes in and receives a free donut.
  • Redeem that great email offer you liked from the customer loyalty program.  Pay using the Krispy Kreme gift card.  Make sure you provide your phone number or email address so your purchase today helps you earn toward future free donuts and coffee.    
  • Understand what money you spent and what you saved—and where you could save more money next time.  

For example, today online’s Krispy Kreme price for an assorted dozen of classic donuts is $14.78, and it’s $12.78 for a dozen classic glazed donuts.  There’s a promotion to buy any dozen and get one box of classic glazed donuts free.  If I only plan to buy glazed donuts, that makes it a BOGO (buy one, get one dozen free).   I could pay $12.78 for two boxes full of glazed donuts.  I pay using $12.78 worth of my gift card (yes, I’m ignoring taxes because taxes vary by locality).  Since I got 25% off my gift card, I really paid $9.59 for these two dozen glazed.   And don’t forget the free, hot donut I got when I walked in—and if I brought anyone else with me, they should get a free donut, too—so I paid $9.59 for 25+ donuts.  Most people would have paid $25.56 for the same two dozen classic glazed donuts.  It feels good to save.

However, I probably could have save more money by buying two boxes of glazed, store-brand donuts from Walmart.  Each box is $3.98 for a dozen donuts.  No, they aren’t hot and fresh—but by the time I bring the Krispy Kreme donuts home, they are the same temperature as the Walmart-bought donuts.  So, I could pay $7.96 at Walmart, saving over $1.50, though I won’t get the extra donut for walking in at the right time.  And before you wonder—yes, we have conducted taste tests and while the two brands are not “the same,” the testers said the two were close enough that they would not drive further or pay more for either brand.   (This might be different for other varieties, we used glazed, yeast donuts for the taste test.)


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