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Posted 09/22/2021 in Couponing

How To Get Coupons for Panera Bread

How To Get Coupons for Panera Bread

Once upon a time, people could get free meals at Panera.  Entire meals.  This was thanks to a social experiment called Panera Cares which has since closed.  Nowadays, Panera's business model is almost the same as most other restaurants, with a customer loyalty program which distributes emails, including coupons and special offers.  However, Panera also has a "second" membership club--its subscription service for coffee and tea drinkers--and offers the best price on its own gift cards, two steps a little different from many peers.  

What Does Panera Send In Its Emails?

In the one year since we registered for a My Panera customer rewards account, Panera has sent 150 emails.  That’s almost 3 emails each week.  Of course, quantity isn’t as important as content.  What types of emails did Panera send?  Free delivery.  Free iced coffee.  Reminders to buy gift cards for specific holidays.  Introductions to new, returning, or in-season-only products.  A press release on how Panera is helping to fight food insecurity.  At least 4 different Panera discount codes to save $5 each time, usually on a $20+ purchase.   Another Panera coupon for $2 off our next order.  A Panera discount code for 50% off soups.  Partnership offers from Apple Pay and Shutterfly.  Panera sent a wide range of emails, including a few coupons.


Panera free Birthday Gift Email DealHow Do I Get a Free Birthday Gift From Panera?

Sign up for the My Panera rewards program.  Include your birthday in the information.  On your birthday, Panera will send you an email with a notice saying you have a new reward, a choice of a free sweet or pastry.  The reward expires in 7 days and is single-use.

Does Panera Have Any Gift Card Deals?

Wait, you don't use gift cards?  For those looking for to get the most for their money, gift cards are often a good way to "stack a deal."  If you get a 20% discount on a Panera gift card, you only pay $40 for $50 worth of good and drinks.  Combine that with coupons, deals, or the subscription coffee service, and you've stacked a deal to save even more.

One email provided a code for 20% off gift cards of all amounts, for a limited time.  Another offered a $10 bonus when you buy a $50 gift card, so very similar.  These offers are worth noting because they beat the discounted Panera gift cards available elsewhere: Sam’s Club offers Panera gift cards for 4% to 5% off their face value.  That’s not much compared to the 20% off offered by Panera—so stock up when Panera has its limited time gift card sales.  

Another low-price method to buy Panera gift cards for users of the Fetch savings app is to redeem points for Panera gift cards; 3,500 Fetch points pays for a $3 Panera Bread gift card, and  the rate improves to 5,000 Fetch points for a $5 Panera Bread gift card.  After 5,000 points, the rate stays the same, so 10,000 Fetch points buys a $10 Panera Bread gift card, and so forth.


Where Can I Get Active, Legit Panera Bread Coupon Codes?  Does Panera Have Any Coupons Today?

Panera’s publishes its current coupon codes on its own site, at https://www.panerabread.com/en-us/panera-promo-codes-discount-coupons-deals.html.  While on the page, visitors are encouraged to enroll in MyPanera Rewards.  


What Can You Get with Panera Rewards?

MyPanera Rewards participants receive a free pastry or sweet upon registering; another free sweet or pastry on their birthday week; emails including coupons and special offers; and customized rewards based on their Panera purchases.  

How Do You Get Free Food at Panera Bread?

The questions of how to get free “food” at Panera Bread can be broken down into subtopics.   Coffee lovers can join the subscription-based coffee program and look for free memberships there.  Meanwhile, free pastries, sweets, and other food items can be earned or granted for free when you register for the MyPanera Rewards program.

Another way to get free Panera food is to work there—especially the night shift.  This isn’t true of every location.  In fact, Panera employees’ perks vary by location, with most receiving 65% off their meals of $10 or less per day; some receive food vouchers from managers; and while some locations pack up all the day’s unsold food to donate to charities, others allow employees to take a “bagful” of pastries home with them.  

If you are looking for a Panera Cares, the Panera restaurants where customers paid what they could afford or “wish to pay” concept, unfortunately, those are now closed.   Yes, once upon a time, customers used to be able to get meals for free at Panera Cares; to balance the equation others who could afford to spend more were encourage to pay a little extra.  


How Do You Get Free Pastry at Panera Bread?

Get one free pastry or sweet at Panera Bread by registering for MyPanera Rewards.  Get another free pastry or sweet from Panera Bread on your birthday—you did remember to include your birthday when you registered for MyPanera Rewards, right?  


How Do You Get Free Coffee at Panera Bread?MyPanera+ Coffee Subscription 3 months free email

While the MyPanera rewards program is free, the MyPanera+ plan is not free.  Subscriptions start at $8.99 per month (as of the writing of this article) and new subscribers generally get the first 3 months free.   What do MyPanera+ members get?   MyPanera+ includes “unlimited” hot tea and “unlimited” hot and iced coffee—any size and any flavor (well, there are some exclusions, so check the small print).  (“Unlimited” here means one beverage every 2 hours while you remain in the café.)   Members also receive special rewards and offers.   Right now, there’s a Shutterfly promotion going on now, so newcomers receive a free travel mug.  

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