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How to Get Coupons for PDQ Chicken Restaurants

How to Get Coupons for PDQ Chicken Restaurants

PDQ is a chicken restaurant based mostly in Florida with extremely loyal customers and strong ties to the community shown through fundraising efforts, charitable giving, promotions involving the local professional sports teams, special meals for healthcare workers, and school spirit nights.  There’s much to love, including the PDQ discounts.


Should I Give PDQ Chicken Restaurant My Email Address?

PDQ Chicken welcome email membersYes, PDQ sends a mix of coupons, contest information, limited-time item announcements, and other types of emails.  Over the course of a year, we received 66 emails from PDQ chicken restaurants, starting with a coupon for 3 FREE chicken tenders—no strings attached!  Later emailed coupons included a BOGO on chicken wings, a free slice of chocolate cake with purchase of a family meal, $5 off a $15 purchase, $15 off $100 catering order, FREE Father’s Day shake for dads, FREE Mother’s Day shake for moms, FREE kids meal on Easter Sunday, discounted gift card offer, B3G1 FREE (buy three, get the fourth free) combo meal for May the Fourth, and more.  Some restaurants don’t make it worth your while to sign up and receive so many emails; in the case of PDQ chicken restaurants, it’s worth your email.  Sign up:


How Often Does PDQ Email Members?  

In one year, PDQ emailed us 66 times.  That’s more than once per week.  The emails included a coupon or special offer about once per month.

How Can I Get Free PDQ Chicken?

You get a coupon for 3 free PDQ chicken tenders when you register for the PDQ loyalty program, “My PDQ.”   After that, expect a coupon offer monthly, usually tied to a holiday.  

You can also earn free PDQ chicken by earning points for your purchases at PDQ restaurants.  You receive 10 points when you spend $1 on food in most locations; then you receive a free food reward each time you reach another 250-point mark (250, 500, 750, etc.).  To earn points, first sign up for MyPDQ, then show your MyPDQ code when you order food.   


Does PDQ Chicken Restaurant Have a Rewards Program?

Yes, PDQ chicken restaurants have a rewards program called MyPDQ.  You can register online in less than 2 minutes, and you can download their MyPDQ app for either an Apple or Android device.  Every $1 purchase yields 10 points; every 250 points earns you a free PDQ food reward.


Where Can I Find Coupons for PDQ Chicken Restaurants?

PDQ chicken restaurants do not publish digital or print coupons on their website.  They do highlight their latest promotions (no coupon necessary) at  

The easiest way to get legit PDQ chicken restaurant coupons is to take 2 minutes to fill out the MyPDQ form at  You’ll receive an immediate coupon (ours was for 3 free chicken tenders); after that, expect a variety of monthly coupons, like free shakes, BOGOs, and dollar-off coupons.  

When we did an internet search for PDQ chicken restaurant coupons, we clicked through each of the top 10 search results (all the results on the front page of our Google search) and most of those sites (RetailMeNot, HotDeals, CouponBirds, LocalFlavor, and Get-Coupon-Codes) actually had zero PDQ coupons.  They used the restaurant’s name to attract people to register for their couponing services, which was a waste of our time.  Only two sites, and, had what seemed to be real PDQ chicken coupons, which are limited to “registered users.”  


Where Can I Find PDQ In Store Coupons?

A store can do its own local specials, but generally speaking you won’t find paper PDQ chicken restaurant coupons in their stores.  PDQ does offer plenty of discounts and special offers tied to community events.  The day after a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, there’s a code for 3 free chicken tenders.   


What Are PDQ’s BOGOs, Specials, and Coupons Valid Today?

While PDQ chicken restaurants post all of their promotions online, they don’t post digital or print coupons.  To get valid, legit, non-expired coupons, just sign up for PDQ’s membership rewards program, MyPDQ at  It takes less than 2 minutes, and your coupons are real.  (Many websites will claim to have PDQ discount codes, but it’s not true.   It’s a “bait and switch.”  They want newcomers to sign up for their couponing products.)


Where Can I Buy Discounted PDQ Gift Cards?

Sign up for PDQ’s emails, so when they offer discounted gift cards you know about the deal.  We received a $5 bonus on purchase of a $25+ PDQ gift card.  The offer came on April 1, but it wasn’t a prank from PDQ.  


Does PDQ Give a Free Birthday Reward Meal?Happy Birthday from PDQ Chicken Restaurants free combo

Yes, PDQ emails you a coupon for a free combo meal, bowl, or salad about a week before your birthday with a 14-day expiration, so you can celebrate a little early or a little late.   This is a totally free, no-catch coupon, no purchase necessary.  Get on the PDQ mailing list for a free birthday reward meal by signing up for MyPDQ at and, even though it’s optional on the form, remember to include your birthday.


What’s the Latest Tampa Bay Lightning PDQ Promotion Deal?

PDQ chicken restaurants uses its news page ( to communicate about most of its promotion deals, including Tampa Bay Lightning PDQ deals.  Check there for the latest—and most official—details of PDQ Tampa Bay Lightning deals.


What’s the Latest Tampa Bay Buccaneers PDQ Special Deal?

PDQ has different pages for its promotions and news, but if you want to know about any Buccaneer related promotions, visit their page and scroll down to the latest offers.  Why the (somewhat hidden) special page?  PDQ has an official relationship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; on game days you can buy PDQ chicken and sandwiches in sections 102 and 127 of the Raymond James Stadium.  

To get emails about all of PDQ’s special promotions, including sports-related promotions, enroll in MyPDQ at  

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