Pizza as the Most Popular Food in America + Top 12 Pizza Restaurants in the US

Pizza as the Most Popular Food in America + Top 12 Pizza Restaurants in the US

Pizza as the Most Popular Food in America 

Top 12 Pizza Restaurants in the US


Americans' Most Popular Food

What do Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Betty White, and Ellen DeGeneres have in common?  According to a 2018 online Harris Poll of over 2,000 adult Americans, they are the top 3 American celebrities you'd most want to have a pizza, their favorite food, with. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the "Skyscraper" actor was the top choice, getting 18% in the survey. He was closely followed by Betty White with 15%. And the third spot was taken by Ellen DeGeneres with 11%.

Picture 1: Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson, Betty White, and Ellen DeGeneres--Celebrities Voted "Most Want to Ear Pizza With"


According to the same survey pizza is the most popular food in the US.  Surprisingly, even more popular than burgers, the most "American" of all known foods!  When people were asked if they could only eat one food for the rest of their lives, which food would that be, pizza was chosen as the most popular choice (21%), beating steaks (which came in second at 16%), hamburgers (only 13%), tacos (11%), pasta (11%), and other picks.

Picture 2: Americans' Top 8 Favorite Foods

Most Popular Pizzerias

So, if pizza is the most popular food among Americans, what are the most popular (or widespread) pizza places one should ask?


There are almost 80,000 pizzerias in the US. Compare this to the second most widely available fast food joints─burgers. There are "only" 50,000 burger joints in the US, that is 40% fewer than pizzerias.


The chain store brands account for about half of all pizza locations.  Here are the top 12 US chain store brands:

If 25,610 pizza locations are part of the big chain store brands─who do the remaining 55,000 or so  locations belong to?  Well, according to the's 2019 rankings the Top 100 Pizza Chains accounted for about 35,000 locations (if one excludes locations outside of the US). The remaining 45,000 or so locations belong to either very small local chains or independent operators.

Most Popular Pizza Types

What is your favorite pizza type? Is your favorite pizza the same as what most Americans like to order as well? The answers to these questions you can find here.


How Can I Save Money on Pizza?

We are glad you asked! Pizza has one of the highest margins in the restaurant industry and that's why it also has one of the most aggressive and widespread promotions in the industry.  To save some money on pizza check out some of most popular promotions below.


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