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Posted 10/04/2021 in Couponing

VIP Perks Entertainment Book Free Trial Code

VIP Perks Entertainment Book Free Trial Code

VIP Perks Entertainment Book Free Trial Access Code for Redemption

The Entertainment Book and VIP Perks coupon app offer at least 3 methods to get a free trial.   If any of the following descriptions fit you, you will soon have a free VIP Perks Entertainment Book account or free trial:


Do You Qualify for a Free Entertainment Book VIP Perks Coupon App as a Partner?

If you are part of the saving-money community, you can apply to be a partner with CouponFindr.com and receive a free Entertainment Book VIP Perks Coupon App as part of your partnership.   There are many different types of partners.  The most obvious is to be a nonprofit group looking for a fundraiser; this can be a school, sports team, religious group, or almost any other group invested in helping the community.  CouponFindr also partners with people running their own blogs, vlogs, Facebook groups, or other social media focused on saving money.  This partnership also includes the offline savings community, especially paper coupon book publishers and coupon swapping groups.  Some partners are interviewed for articles on smart spending and saving; other partners provide additional coupons for the site to support; and other partners test out the VIP Perks coupon app in order to highlight it on their own platforms.


HCPS Employees Have FREE VIP Perks Accounts

In May 2021, a 1-year free VIP Perks coupon app membership was gifted to all of Hillsborough County Public School’s employees.  HCPS is the eighth largest school district in the United States, and HCPS is the largest employer in Hillsborough County, with over 25,000 employees supporting over 220,000 students.  If you are a HCPS employee and need help accessing your VIP Perks account, contact the donor, CouponFindr.com, through its contact page or email blanche@couponfindr.com.


Anyone Can Get a Free 30-Day Trial

Anyone can get a free trial of the VIP Perks coupon app/ Entertainment Book by enrolling in the auto-pay, one-year membership option on Entertainment’s website.  The site explains users are able to cancel at any time and while the billing information is set up at time of purchase, the form of payment will not be billed until the first 30 days of a free trial have finished.   


Free 3 Months of VIP Perks App/ Entertainment Book

At this time, there does not appear to be a free 3-month free trial code available on CouponFindr.com.   This special promotional code is used by fundraising groups, identified usually by the group’s initials or name inserted in the code.  If you believe your group has an active code and you cannot locate it, please use the Contact page on CouponFindr.com to name your group and request a resend of the group’s code.


Do I Need a Free VIP Perks App Trial?

Most people want to see something before they pay for it.  When the paper Entertainment coupon books were sold door-to-door, potential buyers would flip open the book and at least glance at the coupons on the randomly opened page.  Once glance showed them the book contained plenty of offers for name-brand and less-known-local-brand establishments.  Nowadays, people cannot flip open the paper book—but they can take a look at the app absolutely for free, and it’s easy to do and even doesn’t require downloading the app if you have a computer available.  1) Go to https://vipperks.club/coupons?login=1 and wait a few seconds for the login box to appear.  Then close the login box by clicking the upper-right corner.  After this, you can browse the VIP Perks app’s coupons as much as you like.  Click a few to get a sense of what is available and which you will want to use.   Use the “Location” box to identify where you live, work, or most often shop to find deals near you.  If you are in the habit of gifting Entertainment books, you can check out locations of our usual gift recipients so you know where your gift will likely be used.  All of this viewing and clicking is free.  The coupons will be marked as inactive with messages such as “This screen cannot be shown as a valid coupon” and “TO USE THIS OFFER, Please Login to Your Account.”  When you are ready to purchase the app, visit http://www.couponfindr.com/checkout/9 and select the 1-month, 3-month, or 1-year membership option and input the discount code, if you have one from a local fundraiser.

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