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What Free Birthday Gifts and Birthday Discounts Can I Get?

Is There a Birthday Discounts Schedule or Chart?

Dunkin Donuts BirthdayDSW BirthdayPDQ Chicken BirthdayRuby Tuesday's BirthdayDenny's Birthday PancakesApplebee's Birthday

What Birthday Discounts Can I Get and Where?

Let's be honest.  There are tons of websites listing birthday freebies.  Why   should you read this one?

  • A GOOD Birthday Discounts and Birthday Freebies list tells you what you will get, what you need to do to get the birthday reward, and keeps the list up-to-date.  The list has at least 10 birthday deals.
  • A BETTER Birthday Discounts and Birthday Freebies list includes links so you can sign up for the birthday offers without hunting down the actual registration information.  The BETTER Birthday Discounts list has at least 20 birthday deals.

    Qdoba Birthday Cookie

  • A FANTASTIC Birthday Discounts and Birthday Freebies list does all of that and doesn't just copy-paste off other people's lists.  No, the FANTASTIC Birthday Discounts list includes at least a few local offers from small businesses not associated with regional chains.  The FANTASTIC Birthday Discounts list maker has collected all of this information by visiting or contacting each business and verifying the information.  The FANTASTIC Birthday Discounts list has at least 30 birthday deals and a few, 10%, are local, small businesses.
  • An AMAZING, OMG, WOW Birthday Discounts and Birthday Freebies list?  That list includes everything already mentioned, the list contains at least 50 offers, all offers are accurate and up-to-date, with at least 10% coming from small, local businesses that are not associated with national chains.  And the writer verified every offer on the list.  
  • The ULTIMATE, MEGA, TOP, BEST Birthday Discounts and Birthday Freebies list will have all of the above, all up-to-date, and over 100 offers.  But quantity is not enough!  If a list is going to call itself "ULTIMATE Birthday Discounts" or "MEGA Birthday Discounts" or anything else so grandiose, that list should include something more, something other lists do not have.  It could be a new feature that makes tracking birthday discounts easier or signing up for birthday discounts easier.  Maybe it's something we haven't even realized would help everyone--but that's how to top the Birthday Discounts lists.

Our list?  Today, we're at FANTASTIC Birthday Discounts and Birthday Freebies status but we're aiming at the "ULTIMATE, MEGA, TOP, BEST, Birthday Discounts list because we have something the others don't bother to do.  We have the Birthday Discount Schedule Chart, to help you plan your discounts quickly, without having to read and re-read and re-re-read all the fine print.  If you have an offer you want to share with us so we can add it to the Birthday Discount Chart Schedule, let us know--we're happy to keep adding and building up the chart to be even more helpful than it already is.  Read on to learn more about this helpful addition to Birthday Discount tracking.  (And, yes, we are constantly building our list, so when we get to 50+ verified birthday discounts with at least 10% from local, small businesses, we'll update our status and let you know (sign up for our newsletter here by picking the free membership category "Coupon Lovers").  Pillsbury Birthday Present

Meanwhile, you can either go to our discounts directory here (it has more than just birthday discounts in it, so pick the category "birthday discount" if you like); or you can read to the end of the article and follow the links to each birthday discount we currently have in our discount directory.  

When are Birthday Discounts Valid? Is there a Schedule of Birthday Discounts?

A few businesses still only allow their birthday discounts on your actual birthday; these tend to be smaller businesses without an electronic rewards program.  In fact, all three of the businesses that sent us a 1-day-only birthday gift are local restaurants.  Meanwhile, a few very generous chains granted birthday discounts valid for over a month, like Arby's (2 months, free fries and milkshake with purchase of sandwich, 1-time use) and Moe's Southwest Grill (3 months, a free burrito, 1-time use).  Wouldn't it be nice to know the timeframes of all your birthday discount offers, so you could schedule them to spread out the savings and not accidentally let one expire?  Well, yes, but someone would have to invent a Birthday Discount Chart Schedule for that.  Hmmmm.....

Birthday Discount Chart Schedule

Our researcher created this Birthday Discount Chart Schedule to help organize all of her birthday discounts, birthday freebies, and other birthday offers.  It helps to know that her birthday was slightly after the middle of the month, so while a restaurant sent her a coupon on the 1st and left it valid through the end of the month, the same restaurant might use a different timeline for you if your birthday is very different, such as the first or last day of the month.  

The original chart was very helpful, if you had her same birthday.  Here we've erased the dates and let you do the math.  (It's easy math, we promise.)  

Birthday Discount CouponFindr.com  Chart Schedule Calculator

Note 1: Your "end of month" may not match with our researcher's "end of month" because her birthday was midmonth.  You may want to adjust your "end of month" column to be earlier or later, depending on your birthday (or skip it and use the next nearest column instead).

Note 2: Businesses do change policies.  Check the dates on your birthday offers to make certain you plan your real birthday discount schedule correctly.  

Also!  Our researcher did not see expiration dates on some of the offers, some because the coupon was accessed after it expired and others for other reasons.  The businesses marked with an asterisk (*) were assigned a 1-week validity but we expect and hope they are valid for longer.  

What About Non-Birthday Discounts?  Maybe Teacher Discounts, Military Discounts, Delivery Driver Discounts, Employee Discounts, etc.?

Have you ever noticed it's not your birthday?  Sure, your birthday is once every 365 days, but what about discounts for the other 364 days?  Coupons are great, but there are also everyday discounts for specific groups of people.  Read more about these non-birthday discounts here.

Our List of Birthday Discounts 

(You can filter and search by using the Searchable Discounts page here.)

Birthday Culver's Sundae

Anthony's on the Blvd Birthday Discount Your Age=Percentage Off

Applebee's Birthday Discount $5 Off $25+

Arby's Birthday Free Fries & Milkshake

Auntie Anne's Birthday Free Pretzel

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Birthday  Free Dessert w/ Purchase

Chipotle  Birthday Free Guacamole and Chips

Culver's Birthday Free Sundae

Denny's Birthday Free Pancakes

DSW Designer Shoes Warehouse Birthday Discount $5 Off

Dunkin' Birthday Free Beverage 

Firehouse Subs Birthday Free Medium Sub

Fuzzy's Taco Shop Birthday Free Dessert

IKEA Birthday Frozen Yogurt & $10 Off

Genghis Grill Birthday Free Dessert or Appetizer

Hardee's BOGO Free Thickburger

Kellogg's Family Rewards Birthday 100 Points

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse BOGO Free Entree

Birthday Kobe Japanese Steakhouse BOGO Entree

Publix Birthday Discount Coupons

Moe's Southwest Grill Birthday Free Burrito

Nine Spice Hot Pot Birthday BOGO Free Buffet

Panera Bread Co. Birthday Free Treat

Papa John's Pizza Birthday Free Dessert

PDQ Chicken Restaurants Birthday Combo Meal

PepsiCo (Tasty Rewards) Birthday Digital Coupons

Pillsbury Birthday Free Wallpaper for Your Phone

Popeyes Birthday Perk

Pretzelmaker Birthday Discount $3 Off

Publix Birthday Digital Coupons

Qdoba Mexican Eats Birthday Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Red Lobster Birthday Discount Sweet Surprise

Red Robin Birthday Free Burger

Romano's Macaroni Grill Birthday Free Dessert

Ruby Tuesday's Birthday Garden Bar Free or Burger

Taco YOLO Birthday Discount $5 Off

Texas Roadhouse Birthday Free Appetizer with Purchase 

Victoria's Secret Birthday Discount $10 Off

Birthday Victoria's Secret $10 Off