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10% OFF Any Order of Diabetic-Friendly Cookies

Expires 12/31/2021
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10% OFF Any Order of Diabetic-Friendly Cookies

Get 10% OFF Any Order of Diabetic-Friendly, Sugar-Alternative Cookies

You Won't Believe How Good They Taste!

“Neevana began because I wanted to end the difficulty of being able to find a wide range of sugar-free (SF) or low-sugar (LS) cookie flavors that tasted good.  I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 16 years ago.  Since then, I have changed my eating habits to having little to no sugar in my diet.  I love sweets, especially cookies, so this proved to be difficult.  I noticed that I could never find a large variety of cookie flavors that were low in sugar and had a low Glycemic index.  The few that I could find (butter, chocolate chip, vanilla wafers, oatmeal) just did not taste exceptionally good.  I dubbed them: “the cardboard box flavors”.  I was frustrated so I started making my own cookies at home using natural sugar alternatives, the way that I envisioned they should be; soft, chewy & indulgent with unique flavor combinations, such as the Cookies-n-Cream Cookies you see to the right, which is our signature cookie that started it all!  I wanted to extend this amazing product to the public because health-conscious people & diabetics deserve to indulge in an array of unique flavored cookies too!  Here at Neevana, we want to help the public eat healthier sweets by making them more available”.

Neva, the Owner

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