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30% OFF LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park + Water Park

1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, FL 33884, USA
Expires 01/01/2023
LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park
30% OFF LEGOLAND® Florida Theme Park + Water Park

30% to 40% OFF the LEGOLAND® Florida 1-Day Theme Park + WATER PARK Admission Tickets

30% OFF the Online Regular Price and 40% OFF the Gate Price with VIP Perks Membership

About:  This Ticket includes LEGOLAND Theme Park AND Waterpark.  It excludes Peppa Pig Theme Park.

LEGOLAND® Florida theme park consists of 3 main attraction sections—[1] LEGOLAND Theme Park, [2] Water Park, and [3] Peppa Pig Theme Park.  Tickets may vary by which sections they include / exclude and can also vary by the number of Days you could use one of more of these attractions.  See the main ticket options below:

How Much Can I Save on LEGOLAND with VIP Perks?

As a Member of the VIP Perks discount network you can save 30% on LEGOLAND Florida Admission Tickets (see a savings example below) compared to the LEGOLAND Online Price or 40% compared to the Gate Price.

Thus for a family of 4 people tickets to LEGOLAND Theme Park + Waterpark would cost $460, if purchased from the LEGOLAND Website (online price) or $540, if purchased at the Gate.  However, with the annual VIP Perks Membership (which costs only $40/year) the tickets would cost only $333.  Compared to the Online prices this is $127 savings and compared to the Gate price it is savings of $207.

And for convenience here is a side-by-side comparison of the above Regular Prices with Discounted Prices you could enjoy as a Member of our VIP Perks discount network.

Ticket Type
LEGOLAND Online Price
VIP Perks Member Price
Savings per Person*
1-Day LEGOLAND FL Theme Park**
$32 — $52

* Price difference vs. Online-at the Gate;  ** Date:  Sunday, April 23, 2022

As you can see from the price comparison above VIP Perks Members can enjoy LEGOLAND Theme Park + Waterpark prices that are $32 to $52 per person lower than the Online Retail Prices and Gate Prices one can get directly from the LEGOLAND website and/or at the gate.  Total Savings are 30% vs. Online and 40% vs. Gate.

A family of 4 people, of course, can save 4 times more money, or $127 to $207 (minus $40 for the VIP Perks annual membership) on just this one purchase of the LEGOLAND + Waterpark 1-Day Admission Tickets!

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1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, FL 33884, USA

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