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Posted 08/16/2020 in AAA Discounts

AAA Discount $0.05/gallon, Shell Gas Stations

Shell AAA Discounts
AAA Discount $0.05/gallon, Shell  Gas Stations

AAA Discount with Shell Gas Stations


Once you enroll in the Fuel Rewards® Program, you will be eligible to receive a discount of 5 cents per gallon every day on each individual gas purchase of up to 20 gallons from participating Shell stations. The AAA discount is stackable with some of the other rewards you can earn from the Fuel Rewards® Program. There are no fill-up requirements.

When you set up your account profile, you will have the opportunity to set up your Alternate ID. It is advised to use your mobile phone number.

If you are already a Fuel Rewards® member, you can use your current member information to log in to the co-branded web page. You can then link your account with your AAA membership to take advantage of the discount.

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