Posted 11/15/2021 in Birthday Discounts

Birthday Discount Culver's Free Sundae

Birthday Discount Culver's Free Sundae

Birthday Discount Culver's Free One-Scoop Sundae

To celebrate your birthday, Culver's gifts you a free one-scoop sundae.  

The email arrives on your birthday, expires in 14 days, is good for one use only, and has a warning that states you can only access the actual coupon once--so be certain you are either standing in your local Culver's, about to show the coupon to the person taking your order or you are ready to use your printer.  It is not valid for online orders.  The coupon mentions that the menu-price sundae includes 2 toppings and additional charges may be applied for nuts.  

Not yet a member?  Go to this page, and look for the tiny "sign up now" option toward the bottom-right corner of the sign in page.  

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