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Posted 11/16/2021 in Birthday Discounts

Birthday Discount Kellogg's 100 Points

Kellogg's Family Rewards
Birthday Discount Kellogg's 100 Points

Birthday Discount Kellogg's Family Rewards 100 Points

Please note: The Kellogg's Family Rewards program's points will expire 12/31/2021 as Kellogg's launches a new site January 3, 2022.

In 2021, Kellogg's Family Rewards emailed members 100 points on their birthdays.  One click added the 100 points to their accounts, and within 24 hours the points were ready to be redeemed.  The email offer expired at the end of the month for our researcher, but since this is a simple matter of clicking on a button to bank rewards points, don't wait.  Just go ahead and click, capture your points, save them up, and spend them later.  

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