Posted 11/15/2021 in Birthday Discounts

Birthday Discount Panera Free Treat

Panera Bread
Birthday Discount Panera Free Treat

Birthday Discount Panera Free Pastry or Sweet

Panera lets you choose a free pastry or sweet treat for your birthday.  Whether you prefer a muffin, cookie, bear claw, bagel, or other pastry, you get your pick (so long as it's less than $5 and not on the "excluded" list--like a soufflé).  All you need to do is enroll in the Panera Bread MyPanera program in order to receive your birthday gift.

The email announcing your Panera treat has been added to your MyPanera account arrives on your birthday and lets you know the reward is available for a one-time use once in the next seven days.  To enroll in MyPanera, visit this page.  

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