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Teacher Discount, 5%-20%, Staples

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Staples Teacher Discounts
Teacher Discount, 5%-20%, Staples

Teacher Rewards at Staples 5%-20%

Classroom Rewards


Sign up now to become a Classroom Rewards recipient. Just fill out the form so parents can easily find and select you to receive their rewards. And be sure to encourage people to participate in this unique program, built to give back to teachers like you.

You’ll also have a dedicated page where you can monitor how much is being contributed to your account.

So spread the word. And enjoy the rewards.

Plus, earn a $5 gift reward just for enrolling!


Give back to your kids’ teachers by taking advantage of Staples® Classroom Rewards to show appreciation to hardworking educators. This program runs throughout the year and allows parents to gift 5 percent of their total purchases to eligible teachers of their choice.

Make Back-to-School Shopping Rewarding  Delight your kids and their teachers with your purchases throughout the year. Make your spending go the extra mile by taking part in the Staples Classroom Rewards program. This program ensures that a cut of the receipt amount goes to a deserving teacher with every purchase placed during the offer period. Qualifying items at Staples extend beyond school supplies. Parents can also contribute to teachers’ rewards accounts by purchasing cleaning supplies, tissues, electronics, and essential accessories as well as food, snacks, and water for their kids. Participating parents must visit the Classroom Rewards page on the Staples website to make their purchases count. From the Parents section, they can then add their receipts and select the teachers they’d like to support.

A Teacher’s Reward Is at Staples  To be eligible to earn from parents’ purchases, teachers must register for the Staples Classroom Rewards program. They can enroll on the program’s page on Staples using their rewards member number. Staples starts off the giving by gifting teachers $5 upon enrollment that’s directly added to their classroom rewards account. Teachers can receive up to $250 in rewards from qualifying purchases each quarter. They can also track their earnings during the offer period from their Classroom Rewards pages.

Can Parents Reward Multiple Teachers?  Yes. However, they cannot split the reward earnings from a single receipt. Each submitted receipt only applies to one eligible teacher. On the other hand, parents can submit as many qualifying receipts as they want during the offer period. Each receipt may go toward rewarding a different teacher. Parents can also give their receipts to their child’s teacher and have the teacher enter it into the database.

When Do Teachers Receive Their Classroom Rewards?  The total earnings of participating teachers will be available on a quarterly basis paid out in statements – January, April, July, and October. Redeemable Staples ® U.S. stores only. Note that earned rewards are not redeemable for cash. Teachers can use these to shop for essential supplies for their classrooms.

Classroom Rewards valid on purchases in Staples ® U.S. stores or online at Recipient teacher must be enrolled to receive Classroom Rewards. Each eligible receipt may be applied to only one enrolled Classroom Rewards Teacher.

From 06/28/2020 – 09/19/2020 only, Rewards members enrolled in the Classroom Rewards program will earn 20% back in Rewards, up to $250, for submitted qualifying purchases. For all other dates throughout the year, Rewards members enrolled in the Classroom Rewards program will earn 5% back in Rewards, up to $250, for submitted qualifying purchases.

Earned rewards will be paid out in quarterly statements – January, April, July, and October. Redeemable in Staples ® U.S. stores and on Submitting receipts for Classroom Rewards will not forfeit a Rewards member’s normal Rewards eligibility.

To qualify and earn up to 20% back in Rewards for teachers on qualifying purchases, depending on purchase and receipt submission date, participant must complete the following steps:

  1. Visit, select “Add a Receipt” in the “Parent section”.
  2. Select the teacher you would like to support.
  3. Enter your Staples receipt information and submit.

Enrollment for recipient teacher in Classroom Rewards program required. A one-time $5 gift reward will be added to newly enrolled teacher’s “Classroom Rewards” account and will be paid out in their first quarterly classroom rewards statement. Rewards member who is enrolled within the classroom rewards program will earn 20% back in rewards, up to $250, for submitted, qualifying purchases that are made at Staples U.S. stores or online at during 06/28/2020 – 09/19/2020 or 5% back in rewards, up to $250, for submitted, qualifying purchases that are made at Staples U.S. stores or online at during other dates throughout the year.

All earned rewards, up to $250, will be paid out on a quarterly basis – January, April, July and October, with the Rewards statements. For rewards members submitting receipts, members will not forfeit their current earnings benefit (up to 5% on eligible purchase made in-store, 2% online) to the teacher/classroom. Full Staples Rewards program details apply, for more information visit

Member number must be presented at time of purchase. Not redeemable for cash, credit, or cash/credit back after use. Rewards may not be applied to taxes, credit remittance, or shipping charges. Excludes gift cards, prepaid phone cards, postage stamps, select ink and toner, Staples Industrial(SM), purchases made on third-party sites or through Instacart. Purchase amount eligible for Rewards is the amount paid at checkout after application of all promotions, coupons and Rewards redemptions. To the extent that Product specific coupons were applied pro rata in a transaction in the past for the purposes of calculating Qualifying Purchase Amount(s) for Rewards, this means such coupons were proportionately allocated across all items purchased in a given transaction. Purchases made under a contract with Staples are not eligible for Rewards. Not valid on purchases made with Staples® Procurement or Convenience Cards. Program is subject to change at any time. Rewards expire in accordance with program terms. Unclaimed or expired Rewards are not reissued. For full program details, visit

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