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Fundraise With Us

  • Earn money for your group. 
  • Retain 50% of what your customers spend for your group.  Guaranteed.
  • Help your customers save money with access to 500,000 (half a million!) coupons nationwide.  

The Math: 50% Profit to You

  • We offer the VIP Perks coupon app memberships for $40 (1 year), $20 (3 months), and $10 (1 month).
  • When your customers use your Fundraising Code, they save 50% off these regular prices (that is they pay only $20 for the Annual VIP Perks Membership).
  • And you receive 50% of all money your customers spend (that is $10 out of $20 your customers pay).
Example:  Dover Elementary School's Fundraising Code is: 50DoverES   
A customer uses the Dover Elementary Fundraising Code for a 1-year membership.  The price on the checkout page drops from $40 to $20.  When the transaction is complete, $10 goes to Dover Elementary School.  (Hooray!)

Let's Start This Fundraiser!

Who Does What?



  • Send you the requested Fundraiser Code. 

  • Send you supporting marketing images.

  • Provide updates on your fundraiser as often as you like (daily, weekly, etc.).

  • Pay your group monthly.

  • Mention your fundraiser in our monthly newsletter to help spread the word a little bit further.

  • Request a Fundraiser Code for your group.  You can even suggest your Fundraising Code.

  • Advertise your Fundraiser Code where you expect your fundraising customers to be (social media, handouts, school newsletters, etc.).

  • Cash the monthly checks we send you.

Let's Start This Fundraiser!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nonprofits Can Use This Fundraiser?

What's Our Share of the Profits?

All nonprofits are eligible for our VIP Perks coupon app fundraiser: schools, PTAs, athletic teams or leagues, extracurricular clubs, religious groups, scouts, etc.

Your group receives a guaranteed 50% of what your customers spend.  

All costs (credit card processing fees, mailing your checks, etc.) come out of our share.

How Do I Pick a Fundraising Code?

What Are the Up-Front Costs?

The best Fundraising Codes are short, easy to remember, and evoke association with your group.  Your Fundraising Code can be numbers and letters (not case sensitive) without spaces or other characters.

If you'd like, we can pick one for you.

There are zero up-front costs, and we will never ask you or your group to send us money.

I'm Fundraising for Art Supplies for My School. Should I Reuse the Fundraising Code My School's Sports Team Used Last Fall?

What Information Will I Need to Provide (and Why)?

We recommend using a unique Fundraising Code for each group so there is no confusion over which group earned the funds.  We recommend picking a code that helps identify your group to potential customers, especially if other groups in your area might also be fundraising. 

In order to make payment to your group, we need to know the group's name and an address where to send your checks. 

When Does the Fundraiser Begin and End?

Could We Have a Free VIP Perks Coupon App Membership to Test It Out, Like a Free Sample?

We can program a Fundraising Code to begin and end on the dates your group chooses.  

We can also leave dates open-ended, so your Fundraising Code can continue to provide funding to your group year after year.  

Even if you advertise your fundraiser ends "Friday night, April 13," if any late customers use your code, your group still receives your share.  


When you contact us, specify the email addresses, first and last names, and zip codes to which we will assign the Free Sample VIP Perks coupon app memberships.  We generally offer up to 3 per group, and the sample membership lasts 2 months.  

I Have Additional Questions...

Let us know!  While everyone at CouponFindr.com is happy to help support your fundraiser, we find it best to designate a main point of contact to coordinate everything at our end and be your go-to person.  

Our Customer Service Director oversees all fundraisers.  Her contact information is:


(813) 419-9943  

You can also use our online Contact form and check the "Fundraising" box.

Let's Start This Fundraiser!