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September 2022 Newsletter

Coupon News: #LowestPriceCandy looks for FREE (and low-price) Halloween candy: A "contest" where we all win by saving money.

This month we introduce a 2-month "contest" to find #LowestPriceCandy, revamp our website, and help our kids learn to spend less.   


1) #LowestPriceCandy

After reading her neighbors' Facebook discussion on the high number of trick-or-treaters and the growing prices of Halloween candy, one of our researchers proposed a 2-month project of tracking the best priced candy.  Three introduction posts were made on Instagram at #LowestPriceCandy.  It's a "contest" where everyone wins when we all save money.  Last year, the researcher stacked deals to "buy" 20 free full-size candy bars, 2 boxes of 10-cent fruit snacks (for the toddlers), and "fun size" name-brand chocolate candy for an average of 12.5 cents per ounce (that's about half of last year's price at Walmart).

Have a deal?  Let us know on Instagram or contact us, and we'll work the math and post it.  Now through October 31.


2) Something Looks Different...?

CouponFindr.com is making some changes to emphasize ways to save money (spend less) beyond the area of "just coupons."  Thank you to the feedback that encouraged this!


3) Talking with Kids About Spending Less

In "Kids & Money: The Coffee Budget Discussion," one of our writers relates how she and her child had a productive discussion that helped the child rethink all the Starbucks cups being carried around the middle school.  


We said this last month, but it's more obvious now than ever before: We love your feedback, and we often talk about your questions when deciding which articles to research and write, which coupons to highlight, and what to change on our website or in our operating procedures.  

Thank you,



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