April 2022 Newsletter

Coupon News: Coupons for Tax Prep and a Coupon for April Fools Pranksters

1) Tax Prep Coupons!

Taxperts, located in Pinellas Park and Lakeland, Florida, have two offers for local tax prep: $85 for your personal tax return or 50% off last year's tax prep fee, new customers only.  Click the link to read the details on the four Taxperts tax prep coupons, all of which are valid through April 30, 2022.   

2) For all the Pranksters, this Coupon is for You!

We received an unusual email.  It asked us to publish a coupon that is just the website's name:  Uncertain, we did some research and found it's a real company, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, with an impressive reputation in the comedy world.  If you place an order, let them know you saw the coupon on!

3)  Second Check on Its Way to Dover Elementary School! 

In March, we had another new member use the coupon code for Dover Elementary School: 50DOVERES.  This saved the new member 50% and half of what they paid was then donated to the school.  

While it's a small amount, $10, we're excited to take Dover Elementary School donations two months in a row, and we hope this is just the beginning and with momentum we can raise more for Dover Elementary School.  The first check was brought to the school on March 4, the second check will be delivered next week, and we hope to make this a monthly visit!


We hope you have a great April Fool's Day (tomorrow--not today!) and that you don't mind our sending the newsletter a day early.  We wouldn't want it to get mixed in with the annual onslaught of e-hoaxes and scams.  Please continue to send us your feedback! 

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